If you need moving a car across the state, it’s best to consider hiring a car shipping service. If going the airline route, you may find that the cost and fees are way out of line for your budget. There are a variety of business they can give you adequate quotes for your car shipping needs. Here’s what to know when it comes to hiring a car shipping service.


This is probably one of the most important things you can do prior to placing your car on a rack headed to a particular destination. Many vehicle shipping companies vary and therefore it’s imperative you find the one that matches with your type of vehicle. Look online and read the company’s reviews from past customers. By doing this, you immediately know what the company excels at and also where they have dropped the ball. These consumer reviews can save you a lot of time and money. The best tactic when researching a company is to simply pick up the phone. If you have a particular situation, then ask for manager assistance so you can get the right question answered. All car shipping companies are not the same, therefore you need to put in the leg work.

Types of transport

You have the opportunity to schedule an exact pick up time for your car to be transported. Most companies will call consumers and inform them of an open slot that’s headed to the destination of their choice. It should be noted that if you need an exact pickup, it will cost you more. If you are looking for a new car shipping service, try Direct Express Auto Transport.

Types of carriers

If you decide to go with an uncovered carrier for your transporting needs, then you risk damage to the car from weather conditions during its transport. Uncovered carriers can cost a lot less but may cost you more in vehicle restoration. Those with covered carriers seem to be the best choice on the market for consumers who don’t mind paying a little more. Taking this option will give you the most protection as your vehicle is transported coast-to-coast.

Pricing variables

It should be understood that you will come across many different pricing variables among companies. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to pricing:

  • Location– For a cheaper cost, you can choose a delivery that is only between two major cities. If you decide to have your car shipped between towns and smaller cities, the fees could be a lot more. However, there are a list of carriers the handle these types of routes.
  • Season– Try scheduling your car shipping in the winter when the rates have decreased.
  • Car Size– Since larger cars will take up more space and heavier cars add weight to the initial cargo; your car shipping is bound to be more expensive.